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Dear Audience ~ Good morning from this side of the world! On this side of the window... Just sending this much - a ''spoiler'' . . while I finish it off! xx

How To Get Started In Healthy Eating
Do you know what healthy eating is and understand the terms used by nutrition experts and in the media, and how do you now go about putting that knowledge into practice? Exactly what will be on this day that's wholesome consumption truly seems like? Check out these types of dinner suggestions as well as perhaps just want to create a couple of wholesome modifications for your every day diet plan. Breakfast every day is really the most crucial dinner from the day time. If you are in a position to, take some time away to actually appreciate it, it's a terrific way to begin your day. If you want a motivation in order to get free from mattress which little bit previously, keep in mind that individuals who consume breakfast every day are usually thinner compared to people who don't. Trading a while with regard to breakfast every day each morning may kick-start your own metabolic process and prevent a person snacking mid-morning, like lida daidaihua. Arranged the actual desk the night... (more)

– Jak leci? – pytam z głupia frant. Odpowiada mi szybkie syknięcie. Spławik bardzo powoli zanurza się pod lustrem wody. Czerwony punkcik na tle sinozielonej toni. Niemal natychmiast pojawia się przed naszymi oczyma, jak gdyby nigdy nic. Drga jeszcze kilka razy i nieruchomieje. Zerkam na Filipa. Jest bardzo skupiony, gotów w każdej chwili na poderwanie wędki. – O! – słyszę, chyba z ust drugiego bliźniaka. Ponownie przenoszę uwagę na spławik. Ryba prawdopodobnie oskubała haczyk z przynęty. Znać to po tym, że czerwony czubek spławika ani drgnie. Jeszcze przed chwilą odczyniał niespokojne harce. Teraz porusza nim wyłącznie fala. – No, nic – mruczy Filip, beznamiętnie spoglądając na trzymany w dłoni pusty haczyk. – Dzisiaj kiepskie branie. Może jutro będzie lepiej. Jacek drapie się w pokryte strupami kolano. – Może skoczymy za Tamę? Pozostali patrzą na niego, potem na mnie. Nie podoba mi się to spojrzenie, oceniające czy warto dopuścić... (more)

Truth in Love
Obama's Chickens Are Home
Link: about.me/gideonsword Foreign Policy and Roosting Chickens Author: Glenn Fairman Source: American Thinker - 09.17.2014 Are we fated, as drowsy creatures who delight in drink and lovemaking, to awaken only after the house is ablaze? After all, who appointed us judge, jury and executioner? Is it inevitable that the strong do what they can, while the weak suffer what they must? Are we tone deaf to the violence of the earth until it reaches our front gate? Have we learned nothing about the nature of absolute evil and the supreme confidence it displays -- like the vain strutting of a shrill and capricious god? It is this same quality of god -- this batlike deity projected against the backdrop of Heaven that moves termite-souled men to diabolic deeds more suited to Hell’s asylum. Having meditated deliciously upon the worm of loathing -- having consumed that toxic diet of terminal civilizations whose crimes extend past the... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Thursday, September 18, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, John Kerry fails to give Barack his due credit, the Senate votes to arm thugs, Senator Rand Paul speaks out, and much more. Yesterday in the US, the House of Representatives voted to approve funding for the training and arming of so-called 'rebels' in Syria. Today it was the Senate's turn. And they also passed funding more war and destruction and a 'plan' that just isn't there. 22 members of the Senate voted against it: Senators Tammy Baldwin, Bernie Sanders, Mark Begich, Kirsten Gillibrand, John Barrasso, Sherrod Brown, Tom Coburn, Joe Manchin, Mike Lee, Patrick Leahy, Dean Heller, Ron Paul, Jeff Sessions, James E. Risch, Pat Roberts, Elizabeth Warren, Ted Cruz, Mike Crapo, Ed Markey, Jerry Moran, Chris Murphy and Mike Enzi. The other 78 US senators voted for it -- no one abstained. Senator Sanders' office issued the following... (more)

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